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Investment (Lost Wax) Castings

Investment casting is General Foundry’s newest process. Utilizing the solid mold lost wax technique offers customers the most design freedom, the thinnest wall possible, the tightest ‘as cast’ tolerances and the highest ‘as cast’ detail possible, all at a higher cost. This is our smallest envelope size, creating shapes about 7” (178mm) cubed. Being the most expensive process we offer, as the part size grows we offer more economical options with our multiple processes to create the geometry. However, with that said, usually investment casting will reduce the machining portion of the total part cost. Investment casting also offers the quickest prototype options, the thinnest ‘as cast’ walls and a 63 RMS. 

The investment casting process is as follows:

- machine (negative) die tooling or 3d print wax patterns
- inject wax into tool
- tree wax patterns & invest
- melt out wax in oven
- pour metal into investment (under vacuum)
- shake out castings from solid mold