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Zeiss contura G2 CMM

General Foundry Service’s automated CMM

Mitutoyo CMM

General Foundry Service’s manual CMM



General Foundry Service is ISO 9001:2015 certified and specializes in high quality, precision, aluminum and zinc aluminum castings. We also provide in-house secondary machining when required. We take quality very seriously and realize that customers pay us to get it right and on-time out of the gate. Communication with our customers and internally is key to continuous improvement. We offer numerous quality checks and balances including, but not limited to, two CMM's, CNC machines with probing capability and multiple final inspection stations for dimensional and cosmetic requirements. We have multiple foundries and a machine shop so our team is constantly discussing geometries with open lines of communication among all departments for continuous improvement. Serving high-value industries, we understand quality is paramount and can provide as much or as little inspection as required, from Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) to ongoing inspection of critical attributes. We have the experience and the necessary resources to support your requirements.