Industrial GPS Equipment Castings

Ideal for heavy equipment applications or light weight hand held devices, General Foundry can manufacture your large-scale GPS equipment for agricultural tech, cell towers, and other industrial applications. As the technology advances, housings and other enclosure components are becoming more complex and smaller. General Foundry has the expertise needed to take your product from prototype to production seamlessly. If you are not designing specifically for a casting, the best geometries are usually a combination of multiple billet or weldments cast as one piece and then secondarily machined.

Custom GPS Component Applications

Throughout the decades we have made many components for the GPS equipment industry, including but not limited to complex and simple housings, brackets, mounts, bases, covers, bodies, hinges, bulkheads, bottoms, tops, lids, trackers, etc. Additional GPS components we have designed and manufactured include:

  • Agriculture Tech Equipment:
    • Robotic farming GPS devices
    • Robotic weeding devices
    • Intertwining autonomous and robotic devices on farms
  • Search and Rescue GPS Equipment
  • Autonomous Trucking

General Foundry GPS Equipment Advantages

Our casting capabilities include 5 different processes. Depending on your production needs, we can help you determine which process is best suited for your GPS equipment needs. General Foundry’s casting expertise includes working with high-quality alloys. Our capabilities go beyond standard casting services, with an in-house pattern shop and in-house machining. Further, we specialize in providing turnkey solutions (including paint/powder/plating) for customers and removing those expensive supply chain headaches and concerns. We are an experienced one stop shop, exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Discuss your GPS Equipment Needs with Us Today

As an ITAR registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, General Foundry continues to design high-quality, innovative cast GPS components for heavy equipment and industrial agricultural applications.

Please contact us to discuss our casting solutions for GPS equipment. If you have GPS component specifications ready, request a quote. Please include your project specs, drawing, and/or models of what you are looking to achieve.