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General Foundry Service’s booth,
Western Metals Congress, Oakland, 1947

Company History

General Foundry Service was started in 1946 as a foundry supply shop, with an in-house patternmaker (unheard of at the time) & a focus on quality and service. With a dozen or so patented designs, General Foundry Service manufactured flasks, jackets and bottomboards for other foundries to make sand molds. Within 7 years, General Foundry Service evolved into a jobbing foundry, leading the industry with an in-house pattern shop, innovative engineering techniques and design capabilities for sand casting. Over the decades, General Foundry Service reinvested in the business and was among the first foundries to provide in-house machining, with the first machine purchased in the late 1980’s. Along with the machine shop, General Foundry Service has continued expanding its casting capabilities to help customers create different geometries and nearest net shapes economically; adding rubber plaster mold (1989), air-set (no-bake) sand (2003), permanent mold (2004) and investment casting (2014) as complementary casting processes.

Presently, our view for the foundry of the future is to provide a best-in-class turnkey solution with multiple alloy choices, multiple casting processes and in-house patternmaking/machining while continuously focusing on quality and service. Throughout our history, we have created numerous relationships with internal and external stakeholders, always focusing on exceeding their expectations with quality and service. Today is no different, as our focus remains on dazzling customers with our customer service and high quality, one-stop shopping.