Zinc Aluminum Alloy Castings for Increased Strength

The zinc aluminum alloy series combines both zinc and aluminum with the percent of aluminum after the ZA. Zinc aluminum alloys provide increased strength, hardness, and wear properties.

Cast Zinc Aluminum Alloy Benefits:

  • Higher strength than aluminum
  • Corrosion resistance
  • No heat treating required (self aging)
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Full recyclability

Please use this PDF as a guideline for helping you find the right alloy.

Differences Between Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Aluminum Alloy in Casting

Aluminum alloys and zinc aluminum alloys maintain different physical characteristics mainly zinc aluminum is denser. One of the main differences between aluminum and zinc alloys is that each melts and solidifies at different temperatures, sometimes presenting challenges in the castability of higher aluminum content zinc aluminum alloys.

Applications of Zinc Aluminum Alloys

Zinc aluminum alloy castings provide many benefits for a wide range of applications throughout numerous industries. Some of which include:

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