Telecom Prototyping and Aluminum Casting

Throughout our 70+ years of custom casting, General Foundry Service has made many components to support the telecom and wireless networking industries.

example telecom components made using green sand casting

Some advantages while designing for precision aluminum castings are natural RF shielding, heat-dissipation, low-cost tooling, speed to market, quick design iterations, and enhanced enclosure performance. These components can be hand-held or comprising of small or larger networking geometries.

High-Performance Telecom Casting Capabilities

General Foundry’s casting capabilities include 5 distinct types of casting processes for any telecom or wireless networking projects. Our custom aluminum and zinc cast components range in sizes, dependent upon your telecom application needs. Custom capabilities include:


We also offer value-added services that include plating/surface finishing, as well as, assembly options and casting quality testing. Our decision matrix guide can help you determine which General Foundry casting process will be best for your wireless networking project.

General Foundry’s Prototype Casting Advantages

Components we have made over the years, but not limited to, are:

  • heatsinks
  • integrated heatsinks on chassis or enclosures
  • satellite components
  • optic trays
  • grills
  • legs
  • chassis supports
  • networking boxes
  • lids
  • base plates
  • ruggedized hand-held devices
  • USB components
  • display housings
  • LiDAR components


Additional General Foundry advantages include extensive experience working with a variety of alloys and processes. Our in-house machining provides a seamless casting experience, with ready-to-assemble telecom components.

Discuss Your Telecom Casting Needs with Us Today

With best-in-class technologies and a dedication to delivering high-quality custom castings, General Foundry is ready for your next custom telecom or wireless networking project.

Discuss your project application with us today. For detailed project inquiries, please request a quote. Please include project specs, drawings, and/or the scope of your project and application outcomes you are looking to achieve. If you have a quick question about the telecom industry, feel free to email us.