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Aluminum Alloy Castings

Please use this PDF as a guideline for helping you find the right alloy.

Aluminum Alloys:

200 series, 356, 357 & 535
Aluminum alloys offer a great strength to weight ratio, as well as corrosion resistance. 357 is for high strength applications, while almag 535 offers great elongation.

Heat Treat Types:

F: As cast – nothing more.

T-51: Aging treatment – castings are artificially aged by heating metal to 440F for 7-9 hours.

T-6: Solution heat treat and artificially aged – castings are solution heat treated by heating. metal to 1000F for 4-12 hours and quenched in a solution at 150-212F, then artificially aged at 310F for 3-5 hours.

T-7: Solution heat treat and stabilized – castings are solution heat treated (see T-6), then artificially aged at 400F for 3-5 hours. Additional aging are stabilized to carry them beyond the point of maximum hardness providing control of growth or residual stress, or both.