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Aluminum Alloy Castings

Please use this PDF as a guideline for helping you find the right alloy.

Aluminum Alloys:

200 series, 356, 357 & 535
Aluminum alloys offer a great strength to weight ratio, as well as corrosion resistance. 357 is for high strength applications, while almag 535 offers great elongation.

Heat Treat Types:

F: As cast – nothing more.

T-51: Aging treatment – castings are artificially aged by heating metal to 440F for 7-9 hours.

T-6: Solution heat treat and artificially aged – castings are solution heat treated by heating. metal to 1000F for 4-12 hours and quenched in a solution at 150-212F, then artificially aged at 310F for 3-5 hours.

T-7: Solution heat treat and stabilized – castings are solution heat treated (see T-6), then artificially aged at 400F for 3-5 hours. Additional aging are stabilized to carry them beyond the point of maximum hardness providing control of growth or residual stress, or both.


Contact us for more information regarding aluminum alloy casting solutions. For a quick and more accurate pricing request, please send us your project specs, drawing and/or models of what you are looking to achieve, and we will get back to you with pricing details as quickly as possible.