High Strength Aluminum Alloy Casting Solutions

Each alloy offered provides different characteristics and General Foundry can tailor their solution to fit the customer’s needs. In general, the 200 series alloys are very high strength, followed by 356 and 357. 535 offers higher elongation properties.

Cast Aluminum Alloys Benefits

  • High castability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heat dissipation properties
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High operating temperatures
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Full recyclability

Depending on the end application, different heat treats can be applied to increase strength. With metallurgists on staff, General Foundry can also provide alloying solutions when the customer asks and the opportunity is right.

Heat Treat Types of Aluminum Alloys Used in Casting

Aluminum alloy castings provide significant advantages to several heat-treated conditions. Heat treatment can be used to increase hardness and mechanical properties, to stabilize the mechanical and physical properties, to ensure dimensional stability where the castings are used at temperature, and to relieve residual stresses. General Foundry provides the following types of aluminum casting heat treatments:

  • F: As cast – nothing more.
  • T-51: Aging treatment – castings are artificially aged by heating metal to 440F for 7-9 hours.
  • T-6: Solution heat treat and artificially aged – castings are solution heat-treated by heating. metal to 1000F for 4-12 hours and quenched in a solution at 150-212F, then artificially aged at 310F for 3-5 hours.
  • T-7: Solution heat treat and stabilized – castings are solution heat-treated (see T-6), then artificially aged at 400F for 3-5 hours. Additional aging is stabilized to carry them beyond the point of maximum hardness providing control of growth or residual stress, or both.

Please use this PDF as a guideline for helping you find the right alloy.

Applications of Aluminum Alloys in Casting

Aluminum alloy castings provide numerous benefits for a wide range of applications throughout numerous industries. Some of which include:

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