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Cosmetic aluminum castings, final inspection of aluminum and zinc aluminum castings

General Foundry Service’s final inspection area

Value Added Services Enhance Aluminum Casting Solutions

General Foundry Service provides the post processing needed to turn your part into a finished good. Whether it is liquid painting, powder coating, plating, light assembly or hardware into your machined casting, we have the resources and experience to complete even the most complex jobs. Further, we can provide quality tests required on your aluminum castings to ensure mental quality and material properties when components go to the market.

With a wide range of aluminum casting finishing services to meet your project’s exact specifications, General Foundry provides a true best-in-class turnkey solution when it comes to finished precision aluminum castings’ complete one stop shopping.

Contact us for more information regarding our secondary surface finishes and plating for aluminum castings and quality testing options, or call us at 510-297-5040 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

Surface Finishes and Plating for Aluminum Castings

Certain cosmetic components made at General Foundry need to be aesthetically pleasing and end up painted or powder coated to achieve that cosmetic requirement. For instance, customer facing medical device components will be painted or powder coated. (See Photos) One of our specialties is a class A medical device finish achieved through paint or powder. Further, we can offer many plating finishes for aluminum cast products, all of which will be functional only (non-cosmetic). These processes increase corrosion resistance, for grounding purposes a provide preparation for paint/powder on parts.

Once completed, cosmetic components are often difficult to recognize as castings due to the high cosmetic standards and repeatability General Foundry provides. We also offer screen or pad printing once the part is painted.

Aluminum Casting Finishing Service Assembly Options

Once a casting is machined to its required specifications it is put through an offline/deburring line. After this process, any necessary hardware is then assembled to the castings. General Foundry’s geometries are based on our customer’s exact specifications, instructing us to where and what type of hardware to install. We install the following types of hardware (but not limited to):

  • Thread inserts
  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Pins
  • PEM studs
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Latches
  • Custom assemblies

Whether the part has a smooth glossy finish, or a dark medium texture powder with multiple types of hardware installed, we have the resources to support your finishing needs.

Aluminum Casting Quality Testing

If your part or component requires additional testing, we provide aluminum casting quality testing services through our accredited offsite labs. Some of the aluminum casting quality testing procedures that we provide include (but not limited to):

  • X-ray/dye penetrant
  • Pressure
  • Destructive
  • Spectrometer (in-house)
  • Brinell hardness
  • Ultrasound

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Contact us for more information regarding our aluminum casting finishing services including surface finishes and plating for aluminum castings, assembly, and aluminum casting quality testing. Request a quote for further pricing details today.