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Cosmetic aluminum castings, final inspection of aluminum and zinc aluminum castings

General Foundry Service’s final inspection area

Value Added Services

General Foundry is not just selling castings, we are selling a solution. We are providing ready-to-assemble, finished components. Almost all the parts we cast, we machine. Among those, most are surface finished and have some sort of hardware installed in them. One of our many specialties is cosmetic components that are powder coated or liquid painted. We routinely plate (alodine/chem-film or anodize) castings, to increase corrosion resistance, for grounding purposes, or to prep the parts for paint/powder. Screen printing or pad printing can be done once parts are painted. Over the years we have run across many different cosmetic standards and have created a spec for our customers as a starting point. In terms of cosmetic components, if you see our castings in the marketplace, many people would not realize they are castings due to the high cosmetic standards and repeatability we provide.

Once the castings come out of the machine shop they are put through our offline/deburring line. Many times hardware is assembled to the castings. Our business is to produce a geometry to our customer’s specifications. Drawings instruct where and what type of hardware to install. From helicoil inserts, bushings, bearings, dowel pins, PEM studs, nuts and bolts, latches, other custom machined components, we are comfortable assembling hardware into the machined casting. However, we are not an assembly house. Whether the part has a smooth glossy finish, or a dark medium texture powder with multiple types of hardware installed, we have the resources to support your finishing needs.

Beyond finishing and hardware, many of our customer’s require additional testing on castings which we routinely perform through accredited outside labs. Some, but not all are as follows: X-ray/dye-penetrant, pressure test, destructive testing, spectrometer (in-house), Brinell hardness and ultrasound testing. All testing has an associated cost.