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General Foundry Service’s No bake sand foundry

Versatile No Bake and Air Set Sand Castings

No bake sand castings provide a versatile option for metal casting. This process can produce parts and components in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The rigid molds produced for an air set sand casting provide good dimensional tolerances and control. No bake sand castings are similar to green sand, but the sand is chemically bonded allowing for the production of much larger molds. Since this process produces a more dimensional stability and accuracy mold, most of the time it’s used to make very large and complex geometries.

At General Foundry, we can produce a wide range of parts, components and products utilizing our no bake (air set) sand castings process. We have the capabilities to produce the parts and components that you need with short lead times. Our metal casting experts will work with you to design and develop a no bake (air set) sand casting based on your unique specifications.

Contact us for more information regarding our no bake sand casting process and the advantages to no bake sand casting. You can also call us at 510-297-5040 and we will be happy to assist you with your no bake sand casting questions.


How Does No Bake Sand Casting Work?

The no bake sand casting process utilizes chemical binders to bond the molding sand. The sand is mixed with the chemical binder and catalyst. As the sand exits the mixer, the binder begins the chemical process of hardening. A rollover is then used to remove the mold halves from the positive tool. The process can be further broken down into the following steps:

  1. Create no bake sand cores (if needed)
  2. Pack sand against the positive patterns on both sides of the tool
  3. Allow the chemically enhanced sand to set
  4. Remove mold halves from tool
  5. Insert any cores in mold halves (creating undercuts and/or hollow features)
  6. Close mold halves on top of each other, and pour metal
  7. Shake the sand from the newly formed solid metal geometry


no bake sand casting component for the robotics industry

No Bake Air Set Sand Casting Size & Complexity Standards

The no bake process is most often used to create large and complex cast  geometries. The thinnest wall section (geometry dependent) for a no bake sand casting is .125”, most thin walled components will be made closer to .160” and larger geometries at .200” or thicker. This is General Foundry’s largest envelope size process, creating shapes up to 6 feet diameter by 4 feet deep, and up to 500 lbs. in weight.


No Bake Air Sand Casting Advantages

There are many distinct advantages to no bake (air set) sand casting. The no bake process is an ideal method for creating high value, heavy and critical castings. Some of the direct benefits of utilizing no bake air sand castings, include:

  • Advanced efficiency
  • Big castings can be made in a single mold.
  • Large, heavy, intricate, castings can be produced
  • Can reduce BOM costs by combining multiple pieces into one cast part
  • Creates castings with a smooth 150 RMS surface finish


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