In-House CNC Machining & Secondary Services

General Foundry's In-House Machine Shop
General Foundry Service’s Machine shop

In the mid-1980s, General Foundry began to purchase CNC machining centers and invest in a machine shop. Most customers want a finished machined component with no headaches, General Foundry can help!

With 16 CNC centers, General Foundry provides in-house secondary CNC machining to all our aluminum or zinc-aluminum castings. Additionally, our in-house machining provides higher quality and faster turn-around times, saving customers time and money. The foundry and machine shop teams are constantly collaborating, reducing metal scrap and increasing product quality. Furthermore, they share a wall; so pushing products through the shop or offering time compression methods is routinely done helping customers save time.

In addition to machining, we offer a number of value-added services like installing hardware on castings, sourcing components to be assembled to castings, and, at times, machining or sourcing billet machined components. Whether your project requires casting and machining services or other secondary CNC machining services, we tailor our services to your exact project specifications.

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Secondary CNC Machining Services

At General Foundry, our casting and machining collaboration allows us to create the nearest net shape, helping to reduce machining, saving our customers time and money. Our in-house processes allow for direct collaboration between the foundry and machine shop, reducing the amount of scrap and increasing yields internally and externally.

Currently, we operate 16 vertical CNC mills and 1 CNC lathe. Our three largest machines, with a 64” x 40” x 38” travel, have cranes to handle extremely heavy geometries safely. With 3 and 4 axis capabilities, multiple rotary tables and true 3D machining, we can handle many of the more challenging and tighter tolerance jobs. Half of our machines have probes, allowing us to accurately pick up starting points.

Programming is done in-house and we create custom fixtures for each geometry and job. As part of our design reviews, we routinely help customers move from cast datums to machined datums, and ask questions upfront regarding design intent, what’s critical, tolerances, and GD&T.

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