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Contact Us Degassing a furnace of  356 aluminum alloy
General Foundry Service degassing a pot of aluminum

Casting Alloys

Since 1946, General Foundry Service has been creating and performing the industry’s best practices while pouring aluminum. We specialize in multiple alloys and offer customized alloying solutions to reach optimal properties with metallurgists on staff. (A)356 is about 70% of what we pour on a day to day basis. If you need increased properties or a specific mechanical trait please contact us directly. General Foundry only melts two types of ingot, primary virgin ingot and certified B grade remelt, all of which comes with metal composition and chemistry certifications. From the moment we receive ingot we track it to the time it ships, machined and finished. We have multiple furnaces and always keep ingot on hand; below is a photo of our standard degassing process for a furnace full of 356.