At General Foundry Service, we take a different approach to designing high value, precision aluminum and zinc aluminum castings. Instead of pigeon holing the design into the singular process many foundries offer, we take an overarching view and choose the best of our 5 processes to create the nearest net shape. We do this by asking more questions and for more details upfront to understand the customer’s needs and goals with each part.

By involving General Foundry Service early in the design phase, we will help you lower costs and BOMs by combining multiple pieces into one casting, reduce weight and machining, increase yield, familiarize ourselves with your drawing notes, gain greater insights into the datum scheme, plan for enough machine stock and understand gating opportunities. Through our design for manufacturing sessions and collaborating with customers, we reduce our customer’s risk and add value to their supply chains.

With the help of our combined 150+ years of casting expertise, a bit of the latest software and analytics you can expect us to get it right the first time. Many engineers today do not have the casting experience, so partnering with a comprehensive and responsive foundry is paramount, in a successful project. From the design phase to prototype through production, we have the programs, knowledge and resources to support your engineering design needs. Please reach out to us.

As a head start, please find our updated design guide here. Have additional questions? Please email or call us at 510-297-5040 for assistance.