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Robotics & Electromechanical Systems

General Foundry Service provides castings for numerous robotics and electromechanical system applications. Over the decades, we have helped customers convert ‘hog outs’ and fabricated metal components into castings with secondary machining usually resulting in a 40-60% cost reduction while increasing quality and performance. From links and arms to turrets and bases, General Foundry has multiple processes to create thick walled components for distribution/warehousing robots as well as very thin-walled robotic components where weight and performance matters the most. Some components we have made, but not limited to, are as follows: bases, housings, robotic arms or links, flange frames, carriages, torsos, stiffening cover, adapter housings, chassis components, joints, and wrists.

Contact us for more information regarding our casting solutions for robotics and electromechanical system applications. For a quick and more accurate pricing request, please send us your project specs, drawing and/or models of what you are looking to achieve, and we will get back to you with pricing details as quickly as possible.