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No bake (air-set) sand aluminum and zinc aluminum casting foundry, sand castings

General Foundry Service’s No bake sand foundry

No Bake (Air Set) Sand Castings

General Foundry’s no bake sand castings are similar to green sand, but the sand is chemically bonded allowing us to make much larger molds. No bake, while delivering the most dimensional stability and accuracy part to part, is used to make very large and complex geometries. The thinnest wall section (geometry dependent) for a nobake sand casting is .125”, most thin walled components will be made closer to .160” and larger geometries at .200”.This is our largest envelope size process, creating shapes up to 6 feet diameter by 4 feet deep, 500 lbs. If we were to make a green sand mold the size of a no bake mold, the mold would sag from the weight of the moisture, losing our as cast tolerance and repeatability. The no bake sand is also used to create cores for this process. No bake sand will create a slightly coarser surface finish than green sand (150-175 RMS); however, some of our parts with the most stringent cosmetic requirements are made in the no bake sand process.

The no bake sand process is as follows:

- create no bake sand cores
- pack sand against the positive patterns on split out cope and drag tools
- let chemically enhanced sand set
- remove mold halves from tool
- insert any cores in mold halves (creating undercuts and/or hollow features)
- close mold halves on top of each other, and pour metal
- shake out (off) sand from solid metal geometry